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More than 70 dogs rescued from alleged puppy mill

Charges were laid against a 57-year-old woman after an alleged puppy mill was shut down. 72 dogs, mostly Havanese dogs were found in a northeast rural property. Instagram

The 57-year-old is facing a number of charges after the alleged puppy mill was found in northeast Edmonton.

Witnesses report that the dogs were showing signs of illness and severe neglect.

The dogs were listed for sale on an online website. Investigators are hoping to speak with any potential buyers.

A 57-year-old Edmonton woman is facing a number of charged after the discovery of an alleged puppy mill in the city’s northeast.

Gloria Sears is accused of causing animals distress and failing to provide adequate care.

On July 28, officers attended a rural home near 247 Avenue and 18 Street and found a total of 72 dogs, mostly Havanese puppies, aging in range from two weeks old to adult.

There were reports the animals were suffering from serious neglect from several customers looking to purchase puppies, which were posted for sale on an online website.

Several of the puppies were hidden inside a closet and beneath a hutch inside the home at the time the officers arrived at the home.

The animals were showing signs of severe neglect and potential illness and were seized by Animal Care and Control members. They are currently being checked out by vets.

Sears is also facing additional charges under the Animal Protection Act including failing to provide adequate food and water and failing to provide adequate shelter, space and ventilation.

At this time, investigators are also hoping to speak with potential customers and anyone who may have visited the property.

EPS is asking those people to contact 1-780-423-4567 or #377 from any mobile phone. Anonymous information can also be given via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.