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Driver examiners file lawsuit against the provincial government

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A lawsuit has been filed against the provincial government on behalf of the drivers examiners in Alberta

Many examiners have taken job action in protest to unfair salaries once the government takes over road tests

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A group representing drivers examiners in the province have said they’ve filed a lawsuit against the provincial government.

The Certified Drivers Examiner’s Association (CDEA) said the action was filed Thursday at noon, over the province’s decision to make the examiners public employees.

Minister of Transportation, Brian Mason, made the announcement in 2018, with the plan coming into effect in March.

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The CDEA said it’s been in talks with the province on compensation for their businesses, but the negotiations haven’t gone well.

Some examiners took job action on Thursday, but it is unclear how many in Alberta have.